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here comes a regular

18 March
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adult swim, aim, aimee mann, alan moore, aleister crowley, american beauty, american international pictures, anxiety, art bell, athens, atomic monsters, bad horror movies, beds, ben folds five, bert i. gordon, big star, bill hicks, bill maher, blaxploitation movies, bob dobbs, brendan benson, broken social scene, buckaroo banzai, candy jones, chaos magic, cheap trick, children's art, church of the subgenius, conspiracy, conspiracy theories, criswell, cynicism, david cronenberg, david sedaris, devo, discordia, douglas coupland, drawing, drinking, drive-in movies, driving, dukes of stratosphear, e.e. cummings, ed wood, electric light orchestra, elliott smith, exploitation films, fiona apple, flying, fountains of wayne, freak shows, game theory, garth ennis, george carlin, george romero, get your war on, ghosts, goodwill, grant morrison, graphic design, guacamole, gurdjieff, harlan ellison, haunted houses, hedwig, herschell gordon lewis, jack parsons, japanese horror films, jason falkner, joe haldeman, john shirley, john waters, josie and the pussycats, juliana hatfield, junk, kisses, kurt vonnegut, lemonade, let's active, letters to cleo, liz phair, logan's run, magazines, mail art, mash, mix cds, mix tapes, mr. show, mst3k, mullets, mutts, naps, necking, neil gaiman, neuro linguistic programming, nirvana, no depression, pac man, painting, paranormal studies, pez, philip k. dick, photography, picasso, piercings, portraits, power pop, robert anton wilson, russ meyer, ryan adams, salvation army, sarcasm, shitty movies, sketchbooks, sleeping, sloan, smokers, something weird video, staying up late, steak, stephen king, sushi, tattoos, teaching, the beatles, the daily show, the db's, the invisibles, the loud family, the monkees, the new pornographers, the posies, the simpsons, the three o'clock, the zombies, tits and ass, trailer trash, traveling, veruca salt, vodka, warren ellis, weezer, wet hot american summer, wilco, xtc the band, zombie movies