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Here's my new favorite holiday web radio station - Xmas in Frisko, from SomaFM. I just heard the Three Stooges singing "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth," which segued into Art Carney doing "Santa and the Doodle-Li-Bop," so I'm pretty much hooked already. Here's the playlist - I wonder if my students will enjoy it while they're working tomorrow. Not like they're going to have much choice, but still.

Try "fly"

I laughed a lot at Subservient Donald just now.
This summer, the beautiful old Methodist church in town got rid of their antique carved wooden sign out front. They replaced it with one of these.
Aside from the fact that it's right in the center of town, and the fact that it shows a bright red flying LED dove on loop most of the time, it now displays Bible Trivia weekly. Last week's question: "Which person in the Bible called his wife a cow?"*
Honestly, does this attract people to church?
What's the P.R. reasoning behind this?

*Samson, heathens

do they make possum chow?

<img src=&quot;

Spot had an interesting guest at the food bowl tonight.

Alert the media

Glass pipe girl is coming back to school on Monday - the School Board threw out the case in the first ten minutes.
I'm very happy about this.

I won't really miss it, but...

Night Stalker on ABC has been cancelled. 
I never really got into it, and watched it more with a growing sense of frustration than enjoyment. Darren McGavin's Kolchak was such a likeable character in the original series, and I really never found anything to like about Stuart Townsend's Kolchak, or any of the other characters for that matter.
It was beautifully photographed, though. 


Now I know why I had so many bad days back in the late 80s - it was my shirt.


also, i still think of her as rachel

I just saw Derailed this afternoon, and nothing is more depressing than a movie that thinks it's got you fooled with its big twist, when in actuality everyone in the theater who's ever seen a film noir thriller had this plot pegged in the first half-hour.
I mean, seriously, has anyone else seen this and not known exactly what's going on by the second reel? I won't ruin it for you, but if you're interested and you're not going to see it in theaters, read this and join everyone else in figuring it out before the halfway mark.

 "Derailed is one of those thrillers that makes you wish the main characters watched more thrillers, because then they wouldn't act like chumps."

"What we can't quite get our head around is the fact that as urbane and smart as Charles would seem to be, he doesn't appear to have ever seen even one film noir movie."

"The odds are even that reaction to the twist, when it comes, will be huh! Or duh. Or whaaaa?"

maybe i should read RottenTomatoes.com before I see the movie

All of you who don't watch as much reality tv as I do, see what you're missing.